KYC.Legal Api

OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 with KYC.Legal

  • General description
    • User clicks the "Enter with KYC.Legal" button.
    • QR code is displayed on the screen.
    • The user scans the code and clicks the "Apply" button.
  • Detail description
    • Domain address must be registered in KYC.Legal system. In this case you are getting an authorization token.
    • Each request uses the authorization token.
    • To receive the user data, a request is sent to the KYC.Legal server with all required properties(available properties)
      The request will create an inquiry.

      The list of fields is sent in the json format (parameters):
                  "property_codes": [

      Then you are getting link to qr code The server will return a link to the image with the generated qr-code, as well as the code for authorization in the json format:
    • The user sees the list of requested data and decides whether to transfer them to the server.
      In case he agrees, he must also inform the server about this, for example, by clicking the "Finish" button on the site.
    • When you click the "Apply" button, the site should send a request to the KYC.Legal system:

      {code} - code from the previous query.
      In response, the KYC.Legal server will return the user's data, or an error that may occur due to the user's failure, either because of unreliable data or when the verification level is insufficient.

Available properties

  • full_name - Full name,
  • birthday - Birthday in Unix time,
  • citizenship - Citizenship.
  • id_card - Number of card.
  • address - Location address.

Request for properties



Structure json:

            "property_codes":[],   // list of properties
            "verify": true         // verification status

If you specify "verify":true, the KYC.Legal server will return the data of users who have been tested by the agent. Otherwise, the data of users who have only been independently verified will also be provided.

Receiving fields after user confirmation




toke - authorization token.
code - code from first request


The query returns an array of properties of the form::


code - property code

values - the values of each property field. Format field_code: value

verification - verification status
self - self verification,
video - verification with video,
agent - verification with agent

Type of value

string - string

date - Unix time date

country - country code (ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2)