Team behind

Virtual version of me!

So far this is just one man project. I’ve been in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016 and and I’ve enjoyed playing casino games probably even before that.

I have background in engineering and technology which helps me analyze and assess different aspects of how crypto-casinos operate and treat the players.

How came to life

This is a fairly new projects started in the beginning of 2020 (I bought the domain only in January 2020). As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been playing in different crypto casinos since at least 2016 and noticed boom of new brands in past few years.

I’ve decided to share my experience with other players by setting up the site. The meaning behind the domain is a reverse of of ‘Know Your Customer’ process that casinos usually perform on the players (when they ask for documents etc).

Now it’s me performing ‘Know Your Casino’ process on any new brand popping up on the market.

For each casino I try to include as many screenshots as possible and will try to add videos in the future. If you’ve played in the casino you see on the site please add your own review as well by using the box at the bottom of the site – I think it really helps others to see opinions from as many players as possible.

Happy gambling!